Storytime Bloghop (englisch)

Ja, es ist schon wieder soweit. Hier ist der Storytime Bloghop für den Juli. Diesmal präsentieren 12 AutorInnen (inklusive mir) ihre Geschichten. Viel Spaß. Hier ist meine (Sorry, ich hatte nicht genug Zeit für die Übersetzung).


Lobster One

“Lobster One. Report to base.” The voice from the loudspeaker crackled. The lonely bluish gray crustacean on the bridge sighed. Luckily the trip was nearly over, so he needed worry about repairing it any longer. His long-range sensors had already caught the data stream of a suitable planet.

“Lobster One reporting. Possible planet found. Commencing scouting endeavor. Requesting full weapon access.”

“The use of all weapons has been approved. Good luck, Lobster One.”

A few seconds later the vessel slowed and found a place in the orbit of the planet. It looked promising with its wide expanse of water. With a little terraforming it would surely not be a problem to submerge most of the land masses …

… diese Geschichte erscheint irgendwann in einer meiner Kurzgeschichtensammlungen. Wenn du über die Neuerscheinung informiert werden willst, werde Mitglied meiner Lesergruppe.

Euch bleiben ja noch die anderen Geschichten (wie immer auf Englisch):


Here are the links to the other stories. Enjoy them and please leave comments. We can only improve our craft if you let us know what works and what doesn’t. Thanks for reading.

S.R. Olson, Malakai’s Gift

Wendy Smyer Yu, Into The Light

Emily Plesner, Time Stops When I’m With You

Barbara Lund, Separate Space

Shana Blueming, A Melting Heart

Juneta Key, To Be Announced

Angela Wooldridge, Midwinter

Lee Lowery, All Aboard

Elizabeth McCleary, OverWhelmed

Viola Fury, The Day The Cat Got Out

Karen Lynn, Dragon Smoke and Wind

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